1964 Chevy Corvette Convertible For Sale in Connecticut

1964 convertible barn find

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  • Mar 05 2024
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Corvette Info

Body Type : Convertible
Ex. Color : brown
Int. Color : tan
Mileage: 0763
Engine : 350NOM
Trans : 2speed hydroglide
VIN# :
For Sale By : Private Party
Asking price : $32,000
Terms :

Corvette Description

looking to sell this old girl, she has sat in a dry basement/garage since 1991. i got her home, got the engine running, the brakes were locked up, i did all 4 corners, new shoes, wheel cylinders, hoses, hardware, master cylinder, parking brake cables and new rear drums. i also replaced the waterpump. she runs/starts up nicely. i was just informed this car looks to have been a fuel injected 4 speed car at one point. it has the hole in the radiator support for the air cleaner tube and the 3 holes in the wheel well for the lines. it also has a hole in the firewall with a torn boot for the clutch linkage rod to pass through. i have no other information. on this i bought this with thoughts of doing afull restoration but after taking it around the block and getting my foot stuck between the gas and brake pedal, i realize i am not meant to have a tiny car like this one. it will yard drive/stop, the tires have flat spots so will need to be replaced before going on the road safely. the soft top is still stowed under the cowl, i have no idea what the condition is but assume it will have shrunk over the past 34 years. i was told the seats are from a c3 and are not original. everything else seems to be right. it is not the original color, the paint is in poor condition, the engine is a mid 70s chevy 350. i was given another engine block which is not the original but is period correct and goes with the sale the soft top is sitting in the well, i do not know the condition as i have never taken the hard top off yet. the frame is in good condition with 2 minor rust holes, under 2"x2" so lets recap: non original motor non original paint, transferable registration(ownership papers) not safe to drive as is, needs tires soft top insluded, condition unknown hard top included email me @ pe68@comcast.net I will not take a check for more than its worth in order to pay the transport company when they pick it up. i do not need help selling the car. all sales will be in cash or bank check drawn on a national bank and to be done in my presence otherwise the car will remain in my possiesion until funds are cleared. i have a transferable NYS registration which is accepted in all 50 states.