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  • How To Sell Your Corvette

    To post a new ad to sell your Corvette on Used Corvette for, you must first be a registered user. User registration is easy and quick. Simply click on the Register Link provided on the menu on the left to enter the requested information.

    While your e-mail address is required to post an ad, it is never revealed to anyone responding to your ad unless you reply directly to a reply that someone has sent through ad.

    IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you use a working e-mail address. If you provide a wrong e-mail you will not be able to receive replies. Try to avoid using free e-mail (hotmail, etc.) because these accounts have a limited quota and it is possible to go over this and not receive your mail.

    IMPORTANT: Please test your ad by sending a reply to yourself after placing your ad. Some Internet providers may block e-mail thinking that it is spam.

    Once you complete the registration form you will be prompted to login. After you login click on the "Place Ad" link. You will then fill out the details of your Corvette for sale. Required fields are in bold. The first selection is for Corvette generation. This determines what category your ad will be placed in. Categories are broken down by Corvette Generation. (C1 = 1953 - 1962) • (C2 = 1963 - 1967) • (C3 = 1968 - 1982) • (C4 = 1984 - 1996) • (C5 = 1997 - 2004) • (C6 = 2005 - 2013) • (C7 = 2014 - 2019)

    After submitting the form you will be prompted to choose any extras and to make payment for your ad. Payment is currently excepted using all major credit cards through

  • How Much Does it Cost to Place an Ad?

    Ads are only $19.95 and run for 3 months from posting date or until your Corvette is sold *(see below). If you would like your Corvette featured on the home page of the site the cost is $39.95 and will stay featured for 30 days. All ads include posting of up to ten photographs of your Vette and all ads will stay listed for 3 months from posting date, until sold *(see below) or until you remove the ad. If you are a Corvette Dealer you may be interested in our Dealer Program which offers savings on multiple Corvette ads.

    There are no hidden costs and no commission required after selling your Corvette.

  • How Long Will My Ad Run?

    All ads will run for 3 months from posting date or UNTIL SOLD. Free renewal. If your Corvette has still not sold after 3 months you can contact us and request to have your ad renewed for an additional month (30 days) for free (please include your ad#). You can request to have your ad renewed each month for free until your car is sold. If you do not request a free extension your ad will automatically expire and will automatically be deleted. If your ad was deleted because you did not request a renewal we will not be able to reinstate your ad for free. Please remove your ad once your Corvette has sold. Please help to keep this site up to date.

  • Do I Need to Register?

    You do not need to register to view ads or to reply to ads. You will need to register to use some of the features of this web site. Registration is free. As a registered user, you may use the following features of our classifieds.

    The "My Garage" feature of our system allows you to add specific ads you choose to a "personal page" which may be retrieved in the future. It is useful when you are attempting to "compare" several ads posted to the system.

    The Auto-Notify feature allows you to set up a personal search agent that will automatically send you new ads that match the keywords that you define.

    Register now

    Your Privacy
    All information on the registration form is required. Your info will only be used for operation of this site and will not be shared with anyone.

    If you would like more information on our Privacy Policy regarding your personal information, please read the Privacy Policy for

  • How Many Photos Can I Include?

    You can include up to 20 photos of your Corvette at no extra charge. You can upload 3 photos of your car at one time with a total of 20. The image type must be in the jpeg or png format, have a file size no larger than 10,000 bytes.

    Ads with photos get viewed much more than ads without photos so please try to provide a picture of your Corvette.

  • How To Upload Photos

    After submitting your Corvette for sale and making your payment you can edit your ad and upload up to 20 photos, 3 at a time. Click on "My Account" and login if not all ready logged in. Click on "edit" to bring up your ad for editing. Scroll down to bottom of ad where you will find three upload boxes with buttons labeled "Browse". Click the "Browse" button and you will see a dialog box pop up which will allow you to browse your hard drive and locate the image you wish to upload. Once you have selected your images, you will see the path to the image in the text area. Now just click "Update Ad" at the bottom of ad to upload the images. If your images are very large this could take a few minutes depending on your Internet connection. The system will automatically resize your images to proper size.

    The only file types which may be uploaded are *.png, *.gif and *.jpg files. These are the standard image types for use on the Internet. (Jpegs are better for photos.)

    If you have any problems uploading your photos try to upload one photo at a time. If you still have problems you can reply to the e-mail that you received when you registered and attach them or you can contact us and someone will help you post them.

  • Can I Make Changes To My Ad?

    You can make changes to your ad whenever you want. To edit an existing ad you have posted to the system, you must be logged into the site. Click the "Edit Ad" link on the left menu and login with your username and password.

    When logged in, you will be presented with your "Member Account Page" which contains a list of options. Select the option to "Edit Ad". Make any changes and click the "Update Ad" button at the bottom of the ad. Your changes will take place immediately.

    If you wish to make any changes to your contact information select the "Profile" link from the top menu of your "Member Account Page".

  • How Will Potential Buyers Contact Me?

    Buyers will contact you through the information that you submit (phone number, e-mail) when you register. uses a Privacy Mail feature which protects your e-mail address. Instead of displaying your e-mail address in the ad, a "Reply to Ad" link is displayed. The person replying to the ad then sees a form and clicks on a submit button to send their reply to you.

  • What Do I Do When My Corvette Sells?

    When you sell your Corvette you can delete your ad at anytime by logging in, clicking the "edit/delete" link, clicking the "Delete Ad" button at the top of ad or you can mark it as "Sold". You may also use our contact form including your ad number and someone will remove your ad for you.

  • Browsing Ads

    Ads posted to are organized by Corvette generation. Clicking on a Corvette Generation link will take you to a list of ads currently posted to that area. Only a certain number of ads are listed per page. There will be a "Next" link displayed if there are more ads. Newest ads are always on top. You can resort the results by using the links at the top of listings.

    You can also use the "Find Your Corvette" dropdown to quickly find all Corvettes of a particular year or use the advanced search.

    To view individual ad details, click on the photo of the ad listed. You will then be presented with the full ad listing as posted. Click the "thumbnail" photos if available to enlarge the photos.

  • Searching Ads

    You can use the Quick Search feature at the top of all pages to quickly located a Corvette for sale using a keyword search.

    You can also use the "Advanced Search" link located at the top next to the Quick Search to perform a more extensive search of ads. On the advanced search page you will be able to search for particular features like color, body type, price range, State.

  • Replying To An Ad uses a blind e-mail reply system where you must reply to a specific ad using a contact form by clicking the "Reply To Ad" link. We will not release a registered user's e-mail address for you to directly reply to an ad. The owner of the ad has the option of including a phone number and they may also include their e-mail directly in the ad info.

    *We log all replies sent to our users to help reduce spam, abusive replies and fraud. When you reply to an ad, your e-mail address that you enter, your ip address, remote host name, date and time are logged for our records. We do not release this information to any third parties but will use it to investigate any report of spam or abuse and may disclose this information to third parties who can assist in taking action against any third party who uses the system or replies to ads in a spamming, abusive or fraudulent manner.

    We encourage all users to report fraud attempts, abuse or spam to our system administrator. Please include the reply message you have received and any other details regarding the abuse/spam and send your complaint to the administrator.

  • Other Website Features

    My Garage
    The "My Garage" feature of our system allows you to add specific ads you choose to a "personal page" which may be retrieved in the future. It is useful when you are attempting to "compare" several ads posted to the system. You must register to use "My Garage". Registration is free.

    Auto Notify
    The Auto-Notify feature allows you to set up a personal search agent that will automatically send you new ads that match the keywords that you define. You must register to use Auto-notify. Registration is free.

    Sending An Ad To A Friend
    To send a friend a copy of an ad, simply click the link on the bottom left of the ad detail page titled "Send to a Friend". You will be presented with a page to complete your name and e-mail address as well as your friend's name and e-mail address. An e-mail from you will be sent directly to your friend with a link to the ad you found.

    Printable Flyer
    Clicking this link will present you with a printable flyer of the ad you are viewing. If ad details are too long it may print on more than one page.

    View sellers other ads
    This will show you a page with all ads that are posted to the site from the same user who posted the ad you are viewing. If the user is a Featured Dealer there will be a heading or banner on top of listings giving your more info on the dealership.

    Website Link
    If the seller has a web site that contains more info on their Corvette for sale there will be a link in the "Seller Info" section.

  • Used Corvettes For Sale Refund Policy

    Used Corvettes For Sale is a high traffic, classified advertising website. Online exposure to your Corvette listing is immediate upon completion of payment, therefore, like other classified services, Used Corvettes For Sale does not generally offer refunds for listing fees.

    A Refund will be issued if:

    You have mistakenly purchased a duplicate ad.
    You have mistakenly paid for the same ad twice.

    Refunds will NOT be issued for any of the following reasons:

    You change your mind about the listing or upgrade options.
    You sell the Corvette through other means.
    You sell the Corvette before the listing time expires.
    You have not received inquiries or offers to purchase your Corvette.

  • Scam Alert!

    Please view this page to read about recent scams.

    If you have any additional question please feel free to contact us.