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Testimonials from Corvette owners who have sold their Corvettes on this web site. Over 4000 unique visitors per day.

(These are all unsolicited letters and e-mails. I have not updated this page in quite a while but still continue to receive similar testimonials)

Sell Your Corvette

"Just clicked on the "remove ad" button because we just sold our Corvette !!!  Fantastic!! We are STILL getting phone calls about it. We'd give ya a 20 star rating out of 10!"
-- Steve & Peggy, Kansas - Little Red Corvette - 1984 Coupe

"wanted to say thanks... best $20 i ever spent."
--- Tom, Carlisle, Pennsylvania - 1973 T-top

"Best website to sell Corvette. I just sold another one. Ive sold aprox. 50. Just a hobby. THE absolute 1 to sell a corvette."
-- Danny, North Carolina

"Your great web site sold my 71 Roadster, please remove my ad and thanks again for the wonderful job you guys do. Your web site is the easiest to use and edit I have seen on the internet. I will definitely recommend you web site to all my friends."
-- Buddy Tillery, Montgomery Alabama - 1971 Corvette Roadster

"Please, Delete my Ad.. I sold the car. GREAT SIGHT!!! Thanks"
-- Don"

"Car is SOLD. Thanks very much! Valuable website! Corvette "
-- Joe Horvath"

"I wanted to let you know that the 1966 Big Block I have advertised on your site was sold today. Thanks for your help and you can remove the Ad. We got 61k for it."
-- Michael, Houston, Texas - 1966 Big Block Coupe

"Thanks to your website I was able to sell my 1964 Corvette Stingray after having the worst experience trying to sell it on ebay ( nothing but scam artists). It was a hassle free easy sale. Your buyers are more real and serious. Please remove # 30890 from your list, thanks again."
-- Nabil Baaklini, Illinois - 1964 Stingray

"SOLD Please remove my Ad . Alot of calls. Soldier based in Irac bought it from alot of pictures. He wanted it to be home when he got back. His vette was wrecked before he left. Thanks"
-- Jeff Knott, Maryland - 1981 Corvette

"your ad # 30321 posted May 8th you can delete as I sold the car via this ad so, your program works. Vette is enroute to Largo, Florida from Indiana. Thanks,"
-- Stan, Indiana - 1982 Classic

"My Car is sold thanks to your site!!! I haven't found the way to remove the ad so please do that for me. Thank you!!"
-- Rick Golding, Wolverine, MI - 2005 Corvette Coupe Must Sell!

-- MICHAEL J SIMPSON, - 1976 corvette (rebuilt)

Sell Your Corvette Now

"What a great site. I posted my 72 corvette convertible and sold it within 5 days. I am still getting inquiries on it! This site will sell your vette! Thanks!
-- Jeff B, Michigan - 1972 Convertible

"I sold my Corvette . Please kill my ad . Thanks James Moore. I look forward to listing again . This is now my third ad with you . Go usedcorvettesforsale.com " (ad# 26898)
-- James Moore, Missour - 2005 Triple Black Corvette Roadster

"Thank you for helping us sell our car. It has been a great experience, I would recommend your website to anyone who is looking to buy or to sell a vette. It was money well spent. Please take our vette off your list. Thanks again,"
-- Selly, California - 1992 Red Supercharged Corvette

"Placed my add and got the web exposure I desired. The add was submitted on 10/30/2008 and my 99 C5 6-spd sold on 12/4/2008. No question your site works! Thanks,"
-- Jeff, California - 1999 6 speed Corvette

"I listed my 69 Vette at 9pm on the 3rd . I got a call at 8:45 the next morning on it. That person ended up buying my car on the 9th. Thanks a bunch!"
-- Eddie Howard, North Carolina - 1969 Corvette

"I have sold my 62 corvette - Ad.#22223, 4-15-08 Thank You, I got great results from your site. "
-- Larry Teters, Missouri - 1962 Corvette For Sale

"I sold my car through your web site and I thank you for the great service you provide. Thanks."
-- James H. White - 1978 Coupe

Sell Your Corvette Now

"Thanks for a great "Corvette Only" web site. The ad sold my Corvette. I definetly plan to use again in the near future." (#20501)
-- Larry Smith, Florida - RADIO DELETE 340HP 1963 ROADSTER 1 OF 59

"Great website. Had my car sold within 2 weeks. The responses I recevied were amazing. Excellent outlet for anyone trying to sell their corevette - Thank you," (#21716)
-- Ed Rusch, Illinois - 1972 Stingay Retoration

"Thanks to your website my Corvette has found a new home. I told the new owner to take care of it because I may want to buy it back someday. Following the sale today I deleted my ad, #22118. Thanks."
-- Joe Trewhella, Illinois - Original Owner Early 1977 Production

"I would like to inform you that I sold my car thanks to your web site. It was amazing, I put it on ebay for a week and nothing, i had it on the auto trader and nothing, one week with you and sold." (#21167)
-- Matthew Pizzolongo, Connecticut - 1976 Corvette, second owner

"Thank you thank you thank you!! I posted an ad with you and within 48 hours I had sold my 1977 corvette! Your sight is amazing! I would reccommend this sight to everyone I know! Thanks again!"
-- Gil Pierre, Wisconsin

"I posted my '72 vette on your site about 45 days ago (#20752), 7 inquiries in a week, sold the car in 2 weeks. Ilike your site and it attracts good customers. I will give you a good reference if ever asked."
-- Ernie Racenet, Connecticut - 1970 Convertible

"Please remove my 1972 corvette Ad Id.#20171. I sold my restored 1972 T-Top corvette to the first person who called, 5 minutes after placing my ad on your web site. You made it very easy to load my photos and place ad. Truly a one day sale. Thank you very much."
-- Charles Pender Madison Heights Virginia - 1972 T-Top Corvette

"Please remove my ad #20086, the car has been sold. Sold to a gentleman from Australia. Way to go! Thanks,"
-- Joe Hayter, Pennsylvania - 1966 Coupe - Big Block Show Quality

"I just want to thanks you guys for a great website! I posted my 1961 corvette on your website two days ago. Within less than a day I had multiple inquiries and sold and received payment in 2 days!" (Ad# 18444)
-- Derek Kern - 1961 Corvette

"I deleted the Ad (#18267). Car was sold through you in ONE day. Thanks!"
-- Gerald Smith, 1985 Corvette Coupe

"I wish to tank you and your web site for doing such a wonderful job of advertising my 1992 Corvette coupe. I had 1529 lookers at my ad and to many enquiries to count. If I ever have another Vette for sale you can bet that it will be with you and your site. My Vette sold yesterday after being on your site for exactly 1 month. Ireceived enquiries from California to New York. When it sold it was to a person who lived but 40 miles from my home. Thanks again."
-- Dick Clelland - Washington, Illinois

"Please remove my ad # 17623. I had more responses to the ad than I ever expected. In the first week alone I had three qualified buyers, one of whom actually purchase the car. Thank You!"
-- Bob Malone, Texas - 1960 Roman Red Restored

"I forgot my user name, and I want to delete my ad (#17455) because I sold the car. It was amazing. The very day I placed my ad I had three inquiries, and the person living in Rochester, NY bought it. Thanks"
-- Carl Marrese, New York - 1998 Corvette Convertible

"You weren't kidding when you state sell your Vette fast. I listed on 1/4/07 sold 1/05/07. AutoTrader Sucks! 3 months and nothing. Thank you for reaching serious buyers. Your website is the real deal!"
-- Zachary Isler

"I have now sold 3 of my Corvettes on this site, this is the GREATEST Corvette site there is. I have told all me Vette buddies about it. Keep up the good work and Thanks"
-- Mike Terry

"Thanks, Bob. Your site is absolutely first-class in all aspects. I investigated the others before placing my ad, and they don't come close to the ease of navigation provided by usedcorvettesforsale." (#14999)
-- Don Hall

"I have deleted my ad (#14944) a few days ago. I sold my corvette 3 months after putting my ad on you're web site. Ii thank you, and recomend this site to anyone selling a c-3 or any other corvette . thanks again."
-- dale in colorado - 1979 T-Top

"I just wanted you to know that I have just sold my 54 Vette thanks to you and your site. This ( is ) the place to list and shop for Vettes. You have helped me sell 2 Vettes now, so THANKS"
-- Mike Terry - 1954 Corvette

"Just wanted to let you know that I sold my 96' Convertible in less than 3 weeks and received my entire asking price. Great site, I would recommend it to anyone."
-- Bill Kulas, Wisconsin - 1996 Corvette Convertible (ad# 14384)

"Just wanted to say that we have sold our 1978 vette and we just want to say thanks. We have had it in here for about 2 weeks and had 3 potential buyers. We have had our ad in a couple of local newspapers and got nothing. A very nice gentlmen from OK., bought the car and drove it home. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE."
-- james eby, Tennesse - CORVETTE L82 ANIVERSARY EDITION (ad# 14400)

"Just wanted you to know what a great site you have. I sold my 89 vet in one week, ONE WEEK. got replys as far away as Canada, sold it to a local fellow who saw it and I got the full asking price. Thanks again AD#14371" (5-7-06)
-- Beverly Rebello, Massachusetts - 1989 Corvette Coupe

"My car sold from the add I placed on your website. It's #14321 (featured ad). You may remove it now. Thanx!"
-- Michael R. D'Addio, Illinois - 2000 Corvette Coupe

"The 82 collector from wisconsin has been sold..thanks for your service."
-- JS Hanko, Wisconsin - 1982 Collectors
Ad# 14138 Date Posted: Apr 11 2006, Date Sold: May3 2006

"I just wanted to let you know, I placed my corvette on your site and the corvettetraderonline.com... I received probably 20 times the response from your site (and I sold the car). Thank you, I only hope your site helps me find a new one someday."
-- Mark, Wisconsin - 1989 Convertible

"Hi, I've sold past Corvettes using your website but it's been a few years now since I've visited. I wanted you to know that this website made selling my Corvette a very pleasant and painless experience. And that I've notice the many upgrades you did to the website and think they are wonderful and it is a very easy website to navigate. The graphics look fantastic and the images look sharp. Just wanted you all know that you are doing a great job! Thanks for helping us Corvette enthusiasts sell and buy our Corvettes. "
A loyal customer, Cathy Palmieri - Art Director of Vette magazine

"Dear Sirs: Thanks for your help, I sold my car from the ad on the site for top dollar to a very nice gentleman. Things could not have turned out better. Sincerely,"
-- Denny Larkin, Maryland - 2000 Coupe 4-19-06

Sell Your Corvette for Top Dollar

"I have sold my 67 Item 14068, Delete ad or mark sold. Your service is the BEST!!!!! I had calls starting at 8am the morning after listing. Thanks!!"
-- Bob McCreary, Michigan - 1967 Convt. Marlboro Maroon

"I believe this was the fastest I've ever sold a car after advertizing. I listed the car on usedcorvettesforsale.com and 3 hours later I receive a call, this person wants it and is making plans to get it home. I had a pile of visits on the add and between the emails and phone calls, it about drove me nuts. But good job usedcorvettsforsale. Much better than Ebay. If I need it again, I'll sure use it. Thanks, " (#13979)
-- Bill, Pennsylvania - 1970 Corvette Stingray T-top

"You have a great site here, I listed my 66 Corvette last month and sold it in just over 2 wk. I had you post the pic for me because I am not a PC smart person. I sent them to you as an attachment in an E-mail. I an thinking of selling my 54 Vette and if I do would you post the pic's again for me? Thanks"
-- Mike Terry, Indiana - 1966 Corvette Convertible

"I lost my account password. But wanted to tell you thanks, sold the vet in just a fews day. Your site is very active and if I need to buy or sell one in the future will look you guys up again. My ad #13451"
-- Tom, Wisconsin - 81 Red Corvette

"Please discontinue my ad (#13796). I sold the car within 3 days, and had many people interested. It was amazing! thanks again,"
-- Dean, California - 1969 T-Top

"I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provide - at such an awesome price! My husband had been trying to sell his vette for over two years - even paid $400 to have it advertised in a magazine and online site - with no luck! Within a couple of months we had found a buyer! The buyer loved the car so much - he flew here to get it! Corvettes are such a special type of vehicle - with a special following. (I myself am a 'dubber'.) Back to the point - Awesome service - Awesome Price!!! Better than eBay, better than putting the car on the corner with a 'For Sale' sign. Thank you so much!"
-- Tereasa Bendele-Nichols - 1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE

"I have sold my vette ad no. 12857 Please remove my ad. Thank you for your webpage it sold the vette."
-- Terry L Boyle, Idaho - 1992 Coupe

"Ad# 12605 Category: C5 1998 Convertible SOLD !!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE !"
-- Ken Smith, Florida - 1998 Convertible

"Our corvette featured in the above noted add has sold, it can be removed from your website. It was on the web for only 30 days before it was sold. Thank you." (ad# 12697)
-- Amy Atkins, Virginia - 1976 L-48 CORVETTE STINGRAY

"Just wanted to "Thank you". With-in 24 hours of Featuring my car it sold for FULL asking price. No questions asked! You've got a great site there and keep up the good work!"
-- Jesse MacDonald - Lakeland, Florida - Low Mileage Z-51 Corvette Coupe (ad# 12122)

"You website is fantastic!! I sold my 2004 C-5 Coupe in six days at more than the asking price. When I am ready for my next Vette, you are the only guys I will use!!! Please remove my add and thanks once again." (ad# 12064)
-- Fred Cianci, California - Custom 2004 Torch Red Coupe

"Thank you UsedCorvettesForSale.com! We had attempted to sell our sweet '77 for months via eBay and only rec'd hoaxes for our hard efforts. Your site sold our vehicle in just one month and the buyer was just awesome! We'd recommend your site to any vette fan!" (ad# 11657)
-- AMrJunkMan, Pete Ramos - 1977 CHEVROLET CORVETTE (L48, 2DR T-TOP, SILVER)

"I am trying to cancel my add the car has sold. But either my user name has changed or I have forgotten it? I would like to thank you very much for this service I have ran the add for 6 weeks and have probably recieved at least 100 calls. Please place a SOLD on this add or close it. Thanks, "
-- Richard, Texas - 1969 Convertible

"Just wanted to say how great it was using your service to sell my corvette. I talked with some nice vette enthusiast and sold my car in less than a week. Thanks!" (ad# 10517)
-- Bruce L Williams, 1998 Corvette Coupe

"Please remove ad#10332, car sold on first hit, thanks."
-- Stan, Missouri - 66 coupe body off restoration

"Please remove the ad (#10074). The vehicle sold and you were the best 20 bucks I ever spent. I'm very pleased and suprised by the results. I recieved the most calls from your site and will recommend you to anyone. Thank you,"
-- Chris, Texas - 1971 Corvette T-Top

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"We have sold the 1962 Corvette (ad# 10216), thanks for all your help. I can't believe how fast it sold. Thanks again,"
-- Boyson Thompson, California - 1962 Corvette Convertible

"I have sold the 1992 Polo Green Corvette Coupe. You may remove the ad (#1004). Thank you very much. Your site works great."
-- Patrick Callahan, Illinois - 1992 Coupe

"I have sold the car and I forgot my pass word (ad# 9390). Could you please remove the car from the site. Thank you very much your web site has really helped me in selling my car. This has to be one of the best site's I have seen in selling a car. Keep up the good work."
-- Dave Steckley, Pennsylvania - 1974 T-top

-- CHARLES S., Santa Rosa Beach, FL - 1998 Corvette Convertible

"My name is Walt Golet and I placed an ad with your site # 8836. I wanted to let you know the car has sold. I received many inquiries about the car and even advertising it in the winter in New England the car sold in three months. Thanks again, for your services."
-- Walt Golet, Maine - 1969 Corvette T-Top

"Please remove my ad (#9130), the car was sold in 1 day...THANKS!!!!"
-- Todd Green, New Jersey - 2000 Coupe

"Hi Bob, Thanks for all your help. You have a great site. I sold the car today. Could
you please remove the ad # 8692. Thanks"
-- Brad Jones, Florida - 1966 Corvette Stingray Convertible

"Dear Sirs, Please remove my 1996 corvette from you site. I sold the corvette within 3 weeks of listing it on your site at full price. Thank you I am very pleased with the results."
-- Ralph L. Cook, Arkansas - 1996 Coupe

"Thank you Bob for helping me sell my 1973 Corvette Roadster. I deleted the ad myself and I have been very pleased your website for the exposure to finalize the sale of my Corvette. I would recommend your service to anyone wanting to sell their Corvette."
-- Wayne BobZZZ, British Columbia - 1973 Corvette Roadster

"Hi, Bob: Please discontinue ad # 8554 (2001 coupe - Gorgeous!). The car is
sold. Thanks for your help. I'll be using your services again."
-- Bill Martin, Idaho - 2001 coupe

"I wanted to say thank you a for a very positive experience in selling my 2001 Corvette. You guys are true professionals. Please feel free to mark it as sold and or remove the ad. I will reccomend you to all of the members in the Mid Missouri Corvette Club. Sincerely"
-- Bob Mallory, Missouri - 2001 Corvette

"I listed my 1996 Collectors Edition convertible with you about two weeks ago. Within 2 days I had my first contact. Within a week, people had come to look at the car and it was sold this morning. I was thrilled with the performance of your service. Thanks. "
-- Philip Green, Ann Arbor, MI - 1996 Collectors Edition convertible


"Just wanted to let you know that you can take my ad off the website (#7726). Your site was fantastic! I got feedback immediately and had many offers. Ebay is no comparison. Thanks for all your help with my ad. The vette sold for 12,000- exactly what I priced it at on your site!"
-- Francine Opipari, Illinois - 1981 T-Top

"Just wanted to let you know that my Corvette sold within one week of posting it on your website. I tried three other sites but your site brought me the most inquiries and also a buyer. "
-- Rich Peterson, Concord, OH - 1995 Corvette Convertible

"Dear Bob, I sold my vette to the first person who saw it online. (1 1/2 hours after I put the ad on used corvettes for sale.) I had about 20 -25 inquires about my car and your website was wonderful. Thank you. Sincerely,"
-- Janet Bottorff, Florida - 1998 Corvette Coupe

"Bob, Your website got me more calls than the other two websites combined. You got a great thing going there keep it up. On a scale of 1-10 you guys are a 20."
-- Richard, Texas - 1961 Corvette

"Usedcorvettesforsale.com sold my car in 4 days (ad#7856). Thank You very much."
-- Bob Ober, Maryland - 1981 Corvette T-Top

"I wanted to say thank you a for a very positive experience in selling my corvette. You'll notice I've cancelled my ad....after only 2 weeks! I had several serious inquiries directly attributable to your site and finally settled this past Saturday! I am very pleased with your site and the response I received. Thank you!"
-- Steve, Maryland - 1970 L-46 coupe

"Hello Mr. DeSimone, The man did buy the Vette today, so I wish to cancel my ad on your site. Thank you for doing for me in one week what another popular buy sell magazine couldn't do in four months. I'd be glad to provide a testimonial if you'd like. Thank You,"
-- Brent, Alabama - 1974 T-top

"Please cancel our ad, we've sold our corvette thanks to your website. Thanks for making this so easy for us."
-- Paul Richardson - 1971 Stingray Convertible

"Please be advised, I sold my 76 Vette. Your site has been the best area I have ever advertised. Thank you much for all your help. Keep up the good work."
-- Paul B., Pennsylvania - 1976 Corvette Stingray

"Dear Usedcorvettesforsale.com,
I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I was with the success I had advertising on UsedCorvettesforsale.com. I had first used Auto trader .com and had Zero response then after spending $450 additional dollars for their magazine a few calls trickled in.
Almost immediately after placing my custom add with Used Corvettes .com the calls began to stream in. Within several weeks I had completed the sale of my 1990 corvette.
Thank you so much! I would recomend Used Corvettesforsale.com to anyone"
-- Clint R. Feybusch, Doylestown Pennsylvania - 1990 Convertible - Congratulation on the triplets!

"I need to remove my ad. I sold my vette. 74 Stingray for $20000 on the front page."
-- Mary, Forida - 1974 T-Top

"Please remove my ad from your site, the car has been sold. I will say to your credit I listed the car with a couple of sites and recieved the most contacts by far from this site and the cost was less. Thanks"
-- Chuck Wampler, New Mexico - 1980 T-Top

"Hi Bob, I want to let you know that your site is absolutely the finest place to sell a Corvette. I just sold my third one, a 1977, and had 8 responses within 24 hours of the listing. You site caters to some of the greatest Corvette people with serious intentions of purchasing a Corvette when they respond to my ads. The responses came from Vegas to Quebec Canada, and the first person that came bought the car for the asking price. He was a 56 year old gentleman who was fulfilling his dream of one day owning a Corvette.
Your site shows that if you have a nice Corvette with a reasonable asking price it will sell ! Thanks again and I'm restoring a 1973 that will be listed when it's completed."
-- Fred Ross, New York - 1977 T-Top

"Please remove my ad from your site. I am very happy with your service, I found just the right buyer for my corvette. I never thought that someone would come from Chicago and buy my car sight unseen. I did try to price it right and to be honest and fair. Thanks so much. I can highly recomend service to anyone. Thanks again."
-- Robert Woodward, - Arizona - 1973 Corvette T-Top

-- RUTH MCDOWELL, Iowa - 1993 Z07

-- RUTH MCDOWELL, Iowa - 1980 T-Top

"Please remove my ad for my red 1971 roadster. It sold from your site! I received more responses in 2 weeks from your site that I had in a year from any other type of advertisement. I was getting 1-3 responses a week. Thanks so much! Regards"
-- Suzy, Kansas - 1971 Convertible

"We sold our Corvette last night after only about a week. Thanks for the help in balancing my life."
-- Gwyn Weger, Salinas, CA - 1972 T-Top

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"We just sold our 1996 corvette convertible last night...through your website. What do we need to do now? I guess we need to cancel the ad (#6285). Thanks - it's a great web site."
-- John R. Lohmiller, Wisconsin - 1996 Corvette Convertible

"Hi There, Just a note to let you know that I have sold my 1985 Corvette which was listed on your site. Thanks for everything. It sold in only 3 weeks, and I had many serious offers. Thanks for your site and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to sell your Vette. You may remove Ad#6362 from the site. Thanks Again!!"
-- Michael Liming, Denver CO - 1985 Coupe

"This is absolutely the best Corvette site for selling your Vette. I've listed two Vettes (1974 and 1977) from my hobby collection and had more than 10 inquiries on each. Both cars sold in less than a month and more than one potential buyer on each. I would highly recommend anyone selling their Corvette to utilize this site as it is best on the web. Thanks again."
-- Fred Ross, Rochester NY

"I just wanted to thank you for your website. I've tried local papers and no bites. One week on your website to sell 2 corvettes .... and they are "SOLD". Thank you again!!!
-- Elizabeth Novak, New Jersey - 1976 and 1986 Coupes

"I just wanted to thank you! I sold my 1971 Corvette in 3 months on your site. This site is viewed from all over the world. My '71 Vette is on its way to Auckland New Zealand. Again, thank you for all your help!"
-- Jeff Gammill - 1971 Coupe - Aurora, IL

"I lost my ad access information & would like to notify you that my car sold. Please remove my ad. Thank you!! I really got great results from your site!"
-- Maria Traverse, South Carolina - 1984 coupe

"Sold in two weeks with seven potential buyers contacting me within that time.Thanks soo much. Will list another for sale soon."
-- Fred Ross, New York - 1974 Corvette T-top

"Hello Bob, I just want to thankyou for your website. I've sold my corvette to someone. Please remove my ad (5343) from your site at this point. Thank you again for your help.
-- Jeff, Indiana - 1998 Coupe

"1980 Corvette Coupe was sold on Saturday Sept. 6th for $15,500.00. Thank you so much for having such a great website. It is in my opinion the best one I have seen yet when it comes to selling Corvettes. Easy, user friendly and descent price to list your car! Take care"
-- Cornelius, Pennsylvania - 1980 Corvette Coupe

"I sold my car AT MY ASKING PRICE thanks to your website! It went in about 3 months on your website after being listed for over a year on others. Add me to your testimonials section, I would recommend you guys to anyone. You guys are great!!! "
-- Mike Lutman, Georgia - 1968 Corvette Coupe

"Just to let you know...my car sold within 2 weeks of my placing the ad. This is a great website that works!!!"
-- Angela Wieland, Oregon - 1978 Corvette Silver Anniversary

"I had my 1995 ZR-1 advertised on several sites for months without success. Within two week of posting my car to your site, it was sold. Thanks for an outstanding job. I recommend your site to anyone who is serious about selling their corvette. Again, thanks for a great job."
-- Bob Overfield, Texas - 1995 ZR-1

"... the calls/contacts poured in like I have never seen. I actually had three serious offers to consider, so I believe that I got top dollar for my car as well. Keep up the great site b/c when it comes time for me to purchase my next Vette, I know where I will go."
-- Jim Coggin, Ohio - 1979 T-top

"I listed my 69 on two sites, yours and another "run until sold" site. I received 10 contacts in two weeks. All of them were directed to me from the ad on your site; and one of these contacts were the couple who actually bought the car. I never planned on selling it so fast, or to someone across the country, but the exposure it got on the internet helped me get a price much higher than I could have gotten in the local Arizona market. Thanks to you and your team for helping me get my car sold so quickly for a good price. It was worth every penny. Best Regards,"
-- Robert Moore, Arizona - 1969 T-top

"... Sold within 2 weeks. I had lots of inquiries and interest. Thanks again. Great site!"
-- Ronda, MO - 1996 Corvette Coupe

"I advertised my vehicle before in "ebay" and corvette trader magazines. I only received a few interested parties and they were not serious. With your web site I received 5 serious buyers within the first two weeks. Subsequently I sold my baby (1973 T-tops) to a very lucky and happy buyer. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give your site an 11.
Keep up the good work, Sincerely"
-- Jeff Spelatz, California - 1973 T-tops

"Great site. Car sold in 5 days, came to Tn and drove it home.. "
-- G B James Jr, Tennessee - 1982 Corvette Collector Edition

"I had my Corvette on another site for 10 months and hardly got any replies. The first two days my phone started ringing and the e-mails started to come in. It only took 3 weeks to sell my car and at more that the asking price. Thank you,"
-- JIM ALLEN, Wisconsin - 1973 Convertible

"Sold my Corvette. I got a call within eight hours of placing the ad, and about two or three days later the deal was completed. I got three other calls since the car was sold."
-- Dave, Pennsylvania - 1990 Corvette Coupe

"Hi Sirs, I received a big response when I listed my car on your site. I sold it within a few days and got what I was asking. Would you please take off item # 5267.
Thank you very much."
-- Hank Vander Loon, Michigan - 1994 Corvette Convertible

"I sold my corvette in about a week. Thank You..." (#5260)
-- Lisa, Texas - 1987 Corvette

"I have sold my Corvette, please delete my ad. You have a great site to sell Corvettes. My ad ran three weeks and I sold the car for more than I was asking. Keep up the good work. Ad # 5168"
-- James, Wisconsin - 1973 Corvette Convertible 454

"I sold the car, the add went in on Friday I sold it Sunday. I never thought it would
sell as quick as it did. From the first time I put in the ad I got flooded with emails and phone calls. I live in NH I and receive calls from Florida to Texas along with other parts of the country. Circulation is outstanding. Thank you,"
-- Wayne, New Hampshire - 1972 LT1 Coupe

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for such a wonderful service. I sold my vette within 2 weeks of listing it. I have deleted the ad, but wanted you to know."
-- Cynthia Thompson, Oregon - 1970 LT1 Coupe

"I am trying to edit my ad. The Vette sold at full price. I forgot my username and password.
The ad has been on for a few months. I do not want anymore calls or e-mails, could you please help. Thank you so much."
-- Bob, Ontario - 1973 Stingray

"Greeat !!!!! SITE. Sold my 1989 Corvette coupe. Thanks much!!!!!!"
-- Roy, Missouri - 1989 Corvette Coupe

-- HEATHER ONDERSMA, PHOENIX, ARIZONA - 1998 Corvette Convertible

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"I sold my car as a result of my ad on your site. I received about 30 to 35 replies to my ad during a six week period. I had previously had an ad on another site for 90 days and only a few replies. Thanks for providing a great forum to sell classic Corvettes."
-- John Davis, Texas - 1972 Stingray Convertible

"Bob; I recieved at the least 20 inquires and did lower the price in January to a bargain asking price. I paid classy auto 179.00 for their services and did not recieve one call! Your web site is definitly the top site on the internet for corvettes. Thank you"
-- Mike

"Your site was awesome. The next day after my ad was posted I received hits on the car. I posted my ad on the 7th I believe. It sold yesterday! (4-19-03) Thanks"
-- Ray, Virginia - 1973 Convertible

"Dear Used Corvettes for Sale.com: Please remove ad # 2449. I recently sold my 1975 Corvette with the help of your website. It only took one week. Great website. I'll be sure to use it when I want to become a Vette owner again. Sincerely,"
-- Michael Fiore, New Jersey - 1975 T-Top

"I wanted to let you know that the 1974 vette that we had for sale in ad number 1733 has been sold. Thank you for your assistance."
-- Charles R. Makin, Kentucky - 1974 T-Top

"I just wanted to commend you on this site. It is exceptional. I have sold a couple corvettes on this site and have found it to be extremely user friendly. I am sure it will grow and be one of the best vette sites on the net. I highly recommend your site to my other corvette friends. Thanks!!!"
-- Ward Prickett

"Hi, Thanks to your wonderful website, we received many responses to our ad and
yesterday the deal was done! .... Please mark our ad, number 2219, as sold. What a great site. We got the price we were looking for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this site to anyone wanting to buy or sell a vette. Thanks again,"
-- Steve Hirsch, Florida - 1973 Coupe

"Bob, I am happy to inform you I have sold my pristine 89 Corvette which I had advertized on your great website. It was loaded into an enclosed shipping semi today, and headed from Oregon to Pennsilvania. I had over 4,800 page hits on my ad. Your great service put me in contact with many corvette shoppers, and I made a deal with a great buyer that will care for and enjoy my Corvette as much as I did. Thanks & Keep up the good service! My ad was #1591"
-- RJ "Shorty" H., Oregon. - 1989 Corvette

"I purchase a Vette from your site and sold one. An Excellent Site. I 've told many of my
friends about your site. Best $15.00 I've spent on auto ads."
-- Michael, PA - 1966 Coupe

"Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for letting me using your website! I would like to have you to remove my ad#1184 out of the classified because I just sold the vette this morning. I will continue to check the site out to find my next vette... keep up the great work!"
-- Mike Kalling, Michigan, 1973 Convertible

"I just wanted to thank Usedcorvettesforsale.com for very good coverage on the selling my 65 Corvette. I placed my add on Friday afternoon and as of Sunday afternoon the Vette was sold. I was getting e-mails and calls all weekend long from interested buyers. It was well worth the $15.00.... Thanks again..Add# 2293"
-- Jeff Sweinhart, Reading, PA - 1965 Convertible

Place Your Ad

"Hi Bob, Regarding ad #2268 - Please mark this as SOLD !!!!! I can't believe that in only one week I have found a perfect buyer and a good home for my car...7 hours away !! This service is fantastic, and it's one that truly helps in keeping Corvettes in the hands of Corvette enthusiasts. It sold so fast that I didn't even have a chance to put it in the local paper. Thanks for all of your help."
-- Rick Madlem, Grand Rapids, MI - 1981 T-Top

"I had the car advertised via Trader-on-line at a cost of $50.00 and only had 1 inquiry for one entire month. I had about decided to place the vehicle at a custom car consignment business - this would have cost me $1,500 to let this outfit have a shot at selling. At the last minute I decided to give your site a shot at turning the vehicle. $15 later I had placed my ad and soon began to receive inquiries. ... the next day I had a guy call who paid a fair price for the car. Anyway, good site and I appreciate your help."
-- Clay Petrus, Texas, 1981 T-Top

"My car has sold in 5 days What a great job. I had over 800 hits, 28 e-mails and 4 persons wanting the car. The 1st person that came, took the vette. I like your site better than auto trader as you know the add# - this is great for some one revisiting the site, w/auto trader you have to re-establish a search. Thanks. Add # 2226"
-- Larry Hanes, Ohio - 1965 Corvette Coupe

"I had tried an ad in the local paper in Clearwater, Fl but didn't sell the car. After placing the ad with used corvettes for sale I received appx. 30 answers to the ad and two people were very interested in the car and a gentleman from Pa. bought the car. Thank you for the fine service and reasonable rate for the ad. We need more web sites that aren't out to rip people off. Thanks"
-- David, Florida - 1976 T-Top

"This is to let you know I am removing ad 2064 for a 1981 Corvette because the car is SOLD. Great website and customers! Lots of hits and interest. The car sold in less than a month. Regards,"
-- Mike Glogowski, California - 1981 T-Top

"Your website is excellent. It not only helped me sell this car (ad 2161), it also helped sell another car of mine (ad 1515 i think???)..... On my last corvette for sale, ad 2161, I had probably 8-10 people interested in just 2 days. Thanks for helping me sell my car and rest assured I will be using your services again."
-- Ward Prickett, Colorado - 1999 Hard Top and 1988 Callaway

"I would like to cancel my ad for next month... I sold the car!!!!!! The response to the ad was very satisfactory and if I sell another car again I will definitely use CorvettesFor Sale. Thanks."
-- Harry MARTIN, Kansas, 1996 Coupe - ad#1988

"I placed an add for my 57 corvette, heading Original 57 Corvette. The car has sold and for some reason I cannot find the password that would allow me to mark the add sold. Thanks to your great web site, the car sold in 30 days and if I had had several others I think they would also have sold. Thank you."
-- Doug, Oregon - 1957 Corvette

"It was a pleasure doing business with you. I sold the corvette yesterday! Thanks for your help. It certainly was very productive."
-- Vicki, Florida - 1984 Hardtop

"...the first guy that looked at my car bought it...I would have been willing to pay more for your service, you should really consider raing your price... Thanks again for a great resource in helping me sell my car. Regards"
-- Bob, Pennsylvania - 2001 Convertible

"Just to let you know I have sold my corvette and have deleted the sight. Out of all the major sources of advertising I tried your websight is the only one that got any major response. I only wish I had used you sooner. Thanks,"
-- Chris Callahan, California - 1977 Corvette

"Thank you for your help. I sold my corvette in less than a week at the asking price. My only problem is that I don't know how to modify the ad to reflect that it has been sold. If you could so modify it or take it off the board I would be very appreciative. Ad# 2056. Thanks again"
-- Bill OBrien, Florida - 1964 Coupe

"Bob- I had so many inquiries regarding my Corvette I couldn't believe it. My fiancé, who is in car sales, was amazed. Your site is so well put together, and easy for the buyer and seller to navigate. The email process that you use between the buyer and seller is extremely efficient. I just can't say enough about it. This is the most easy car sale I have ever made. The next time I am either buying or selling a Vette, my first stop will be Used Corvettes for Sale. Thank you so much!!"
-- Julie Smith, Ohio - 1999 Coupe

"I put my add in on Tuesday and by Wed had 330 hits, 7 emails, two folks wanted to buy it, and by Friday I had 767 hits, and one guy drove down from Pa. =150 miles to look at and buy it. Your site worked well!"
-- Gary, Virginia - 1970 T-Top

"Hello Webmaster, Just wanted to let you know that I have deleted my ad #1896 because I have sold the Corvette! It took only 3 weeks and the ad generated numerous serious inquiries. The website was easy to use and I enjoyed browsing the website. It's the best deal around in Corvette Classifieds! I'll be sure to use your website in the future and recommend it to others. Thanks again"
-- Cathy Palmieri, Art Director of Corvette Fever Magazine - 1994 Coupe

"I put my car on a few sites but 98% of the hits came from your site. I sold the car in one day !!! That's pretty impressive!!! Thanks"
-- JR, Florida - 1970 Convertible

-- Stephen, Alabama - 1981 T-Top

"Hi I sold my vet. I listed it with a number of other on line services and your company is the only one that I received any and I mean any response. Thanks for being an honest company. Ad no 1862"
-- Garry, Florida - 1972 T-Top

Place Your Ad

"Hey, thanks for an awesome website! I listed my Corvette on there right around Christmas and have been receiving anywhere from 1 to 5 email responses A DAY from the ad. I accepted a deposit from someone approx 3 weeks after listing my car on your site. The sale has now been consummated and it's a done deal. So please mark my car sold on your website so that the email and phone calls can cease. EXCELLENT website! I will be recommending it to everyone on the C5Registry Net and Corvette Net. I thought it was going to take months with this economy and weather. But because of your site, I sold it in a couple of weeks! Great job!. Thanks again"
-- Colleen Egan, Michigan - 1999 Coupe

"Ad # 1581. Just wanted to say "Thanks" the vette was sold. Your quality web site put me in touch with the right people."
-- Jack, New Jersey - 1971 LT-1 Coupe

"I sold 2 corvettes in less than a month thanks, great web site"
-- Jim, Virginia - 2000 Coupe and 1979 T-Top

"Please mark our ad, #1723, as SOLD. Thank you very much, We advertised this car in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, and the Dallas pare and got absolutely "NO" response. The ad I placed with you, we had at least three responses per day. Thank you."
-- Thunderstruck, Texas - 1975 T-Top

"Just want to thank you for your wonderful site! I honestly sold our corvette within minutes after placing the ad! Continued to receive so many responses had to get it deleted! What a bargain! Keep up the good work!!!!!"
-- Julie Z., Wisconsin - 1996 LT4

"We sold our corvette on your web site the first week we ran it. We had to delete it because we were getting too many inquires. Thank you very much."
-- Daniel, Oklahoma - 1958 Corvette

"Sold our Corvette. It was bitter-sweet to see it on a trailer going with someone else. Your website was very effective. More than I had ever anticipated. I placed my ad on 11/21. 11/22 the responses starting rolling in. I got about 7 or 8 folks interested in the car. Amazingly, the very first person to email/call me was the first (and only) person to look at and drive the car. He showed up with a check and a trailer. After seeing, listening, and driving it.... the deal was done. Thanks!"
-- Mike, Pennsylvania - 1969 Corvette Coupe

"I think that this site is the best place to sale a vette. Replies! 7500 hits and 500 to 600 replies. I sold the car on this site. I wish you had a site like this for other cars. I rate the site, 1 out 10, an 11."
-- Pat, Oregon - 1970 Corvette Convertible

"Sold the car in 14 days, had 1200+ hits, if I ever sell another Vett, it will be here.
Thanks for the good work"
-- Terry, Tennessee, - 1998 Corvette Convertible

"Re: Ad 1320. Have sold the Vette. Thanks for your great service. Please remove the Ad."
-- Bill Hedden, Connecticut - 1980 T-top

"Thanks for the great website. I sold my car, ad 1218 in a little over a month. I had a steady flow of interested individuals. Thanks again."
-- Mark Bryant, California - 1970 Convertible LS5

"I would like to have my ad for the Corvette taken off of your website. I am VERY impressed with your services! I spent almost $200 in newspaper advertising and didn't receive a single phone call, $15 for your site and the car was sold within two weeks! If I ever know anyone else who is selling their Corvette I would definitely recommend you guys! Thank you so much! My ad number is 1522, please mark this car as SOLD. Thank you,"
-- Marcia Hulet, Wisconsin - 1984 Coupe

"Sold the car. An excellent value and response rate! If I ever have another Vette to sell, you will be first stop. Thanks very much,"
-- Charlie, Missouri - 78 blown Corvette

Sell Your Corvette

"Can't say enough about used Corvettes For Sale.Com. I received over 1,900 hits for my '73 Roadster in less than two weeks! Actually had two parties bidding for the car and ended up selling it for more than my original asking price. Unbelievable response, great web site. Thank you,
-- Steve, Calif. - 1973 convertible

"Sold car from your site in 4 days. Thanks"
-- John, Massachusetts - 1978 Pace Car

"The couple that purchased my Corvette (about 100 miles away) saw the ad on your website. I advertised on a few other websites, which were proven ineffective. All of the inquiries I got were from your website. Given the time of year (ideally not the best season to sell a Corvette), I probably got 10 or so responses. Thanks again!
-- Donna, Massachusetts - 1997 Coupe

"Bob- The site was fantastic ...almost 500 hits in about 5 days & the second guy that saw the car bought it. I wish you had sites for other car makes. You have a great site & many thanks!!!"
-- Thomas, Connecticut - 1960 Corvette

"Hi! I'm not sure how to cancel the ad....as the car sold and was transported away this weekend.... Anyway, you have a great web site....I got 20-30+ inquiries over the 45 days......my ad in Corvette Trader got ONE call! What a waste of money that was!!"
-- Thx, Rick, Arizona - 1996 Grand Sport

"....I never sold a car so fast and easy in my life."
-- Thomas, PA - 1974 T-Top

"Bob, SOLD the vette. Thanks a lot for your service. I received full price ... and fast."
-- Jeff King, Nebraska - 1986 Coupe

"Bob, please cancel our ad #1062. I am happy to say the car is sold and at the price we listed (minus a car delivery fee that we picked up). Your site must be the perfect place to advertise Corvette's! Listed on the 7th of September, Sold and Delivered on the 27th of September. Thanks again for a great service."
-- Gary Purdum, North Carolina - 1995 coupe

"Just wanted to let you know... We posted our picture ad yesterday and already have had 4 responses. Thanks"
-- David - 1971 T-Top

Sell Your Corvette

"VERY effective .. I was flooded with serious offers. It sold quickly. Thank you!"
-- Terrence Masson, Massachusetts - 1964 Convertible

"I just sold my 77 Corvette. Ad #694 and #989. Thanks for the help and great service!!!"
-- David O. Harrison, California - 1977 T-Top

"We sold the car. Your site was the only one we listed it with. We received about 20 inquiries. We live in California and sold the car to a party in Indiana."
-- Richard Koch, California - 1984 Coupe

"Dear "Used Corvettes", Just sold my car, and it was picked up yesterday. Please cancel ad number 962 for the 1970 Monza Red Roadster. Very successful sale, and thanks for your help! Kind regards"
-- JJBoehner, Cheyenne, Wyo - 1970 Convertible

"Sold my vette. I was amazed of how many people go to this website and just how many responses I received. I was very pleased and most of all really liked that I had the opportunity to run my add until it was sold for such a good price. Thank you"
-- Darla Ellis, VA - 1979 Corvette

"Sold my car in 5 days from your ad. Had other ads for 2 weeks with no bites. 2 calls and 1 email from your ad. I will pas it along to my corvette club. Great Job"
-- Lou, NY - 1979 Corvette

"A GREAT site! Had a ton of inquiries. Sold the car in 2 weeks for full asking price. Ended up selling it to someone local that I have know for 25 yrs. He saw the ad on the "feature" page. Thanks."
--- Jim Fisher, VA - 1970 Convertible

"Please remove my 1963 Corvette Coupe (red) featured ad. The car sold. Thanks."
--- Bob, PA - 1963 Split window Coupe

"We sold our car. It took only three weeks from ad to delivery. The site was easy to use and effective. We'll probably use it for our next buy."
--- Denis, IL - 1967 Convertible

"Sold car in five days. Had so many buyers I had to choose who to give it to. Got full price and all is well."
--- Fred - 1979 T-Top

Hi Bob,
"Your site is GREAT! I had advertised my vette in several papers and 2 internet sites. I received 3 e-mails within 2 days of putting the vette on usedcorvettesforsale! I sold the corvette to someone who inquired from your site, and you made it so simple. Your site is excellent, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The cost is excellent and response is great. Thanks!!"
--- Cheryl Bachynski, IN - 1999 Coupe

"We sold our Vette. They took it Friday. Your web was very helpful, thank you very much. I certainly received more contacts from your web than any of the others. Again, thank you very much for all your help in selling this as quickly as I did."
--- Marcie - 1989 Coupe

I put the ad on your site and in two days, I had four people fighting over the car. I got a few more hits, and emails, but I told them to hold off. Now it is gone. The guy that produced the cash first, got it. I got my price. No discounts."
--- Fred, NJ - 1979 T-Top

"I sold my corvette on Saturday from a buyer who responded to my ad on your site. I placed the ad about 1 week before I sold it. I had an ad on another site for about 6 weeks with no serious buyers. Your site was affordable and highly recommended."
--- Rhonda, PA - 1989 Coupe

"Hi Bob,
This site was very effective; I got several responses and sold the car to someone from California through the ad. Well worth the price. Thanks again for your help posting the photos."
-- Bob Colaneri, NJ - 1962 Convertible

"I sold my vehicle to the first person that came out to look at it! The photos made a big difference as far as the number of responses and the speed of the sale. A must for a national website ! The person who bought my vehicle drove from Idaho to Chicago to pick up the car. Your service was well worth it and I would recommend it to any seller or buyer. Thank you!"
-- John - 1996 Coupe

"Thanks guys! My vette was in the ad for two days and it's gone. I'll miss her but I met the greatest people. It's that bond you know only vette owners have. Thanks again."
-- Wayne - 1969 Coupe

I had my car posted on two sites www.usedcorvettesforsale.com and another Corvette site. As soon as I put my car as a featured ad on your site I was swamped with responses. I would say the ratio of responses I received between the two sites were 3 to 1 usedcorvettesforsale.com over the other site and they were more expensive. I will definitely use usedcorvettesforsale.com the next time I sell a Vette. I give your site 5 out of 6 gears."
-- Shane Baker - 1999 Convertible

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great website. I placed my ad (#767 '76 sunburst orange vette) and in under a week had the car sold!"
-- Tony - 1976 T-Top

"Sold, ad #779. I rate your site as A1. I listed on Mon 7/22 and sold Tues 7/23. I got
5 responses from your site. I'll be back when I am ready to buy. Thanks"
-- Wayne Finger - 1967 Convertible

"Sold my car in 1 week. Got 15 replies in 5 days (that's 15 times what I got in the
paper at home) thanks!!"
-- P--man - 1976 T-Top

"Sold...Sold...Sold, Thank you for this wonderful website. I received over twenty emails and one very serious buyer later... The Vette is gone! Today is truly a bittersweet moment, my baby is gone but in good hands I'm sure. Thank you for you help...You guys are the best!!!"
-- Arthur Jennings - 1987 Corvette Greenwood

"Your site is excellent. I had many inquiries and I sold my car. Thanks"
-- James - 1967 Roadster

"The ad was definitely effective. I received one or two inquiries a week from around the country and was able to sell the car for my asking price. I think one of the best features you have is the ability to link to a web page of my own, where I put several pictures and lots of info about the car so I only got serious inquiries."
-- Larry Johnson - 72 Big Block Corvette Coupe

"I received three replies and sold my car within a week to a great couple who I know will cherish my car the way I did. I was skeptical about using your web site, but it was well worth the money. Your web site was extremely effective and cost effective. Thanks!!!"
-- Charles Byrd - 1990 Corvette Convertible

"Hello. What a deal I sold my car in 4 hours! THANKS!"
-- Jim Shekell - 1958 Corvette

"We sold the Corvette from the ad we placed on your website, to an individual in Connecticut - we are in Illinois. It surprised us! We had about 4 or 5 calls on the add. Everyone wanted more pictures, which we were able to send via email. Thank you."
-- L. Pieper - 1971 T-Top

"We sold our Corvette. We had two inquiries, the second of which bought it. From the time we placed the ad to the time we had a commitment from our buyer was only 3 days. Thank you for providing the web site, and the service. It was very effective at a very small price. Sincerely,"
-- Ron Gamel - 1990 Convertible

"Lost my user name and password...sold my 1997 Torch Red Corvette with 58,000 miles. If you could please remove the ad I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the help in selling the car. Satisfied customer."
-- Nathaniel Gibson - 1997 Corvette

"Please remove my ad from your web site. The car was sold. The ad number is 268. Thank you for allowing me to advertise my corvette on your web site. The fellow who bought my car saw the ad on your web site. He owns a dealership in Kansas City, MO. www.corvettesofkansascity.com. I got about 75 inquiries about the car from Hawaii to New York. I am very satisfied with your web site. Thanks again."
-- CHET - 1960 Corvette

"I sold my corvette. It was funny I had no inquires and then there were three all at once but the first one had first choice and bought it. Thanks for the advertising. I had a couple of people before that inquiring too but just asking not really interested."
-- Leigh Yorke - 1979 Corvette

"I sold my car from your website, the person that purchased it was the only one that inquired and purchased it."
--Thanks Mike - 1995 Corvette Coupe

"I received several inquiries from your site. I really enjoy your site. Keep up the good work! Best Regards."
-- Joe Mikuzis - 1993 Corvette Coupe

"I am very happy with the www.UsedCorvettesForSale.com web site and thought it worth the price. I would use the site again."
-- Randy Simoneau - 1997 Corvette

"I sold my car last night. I received about 10 inquiries from the ad I placed with you. The person that bought the car saw it on your website. I was very happy with the response I receive from the ad. Thanks"
-- John Bidini - 1970 Corvette Convertible

"Hi Bob, I have had about 30 inquiries, I would say 5 are serious. I am new to computers but I believe that your site is one of the easiest to navigate, user friendly, for both the rookie and the pro. I like the top quality layout. Keep up the good work. Great service you are running. Sincerely"
-- Russ Cox - 1969 convertible

"Dear Sirs,
Please discontinue my add, 1974 Red Convertible from Fayetteville, NC. I
have sold the car as a result of your add. Thanks"
-- David Vaughan - 1974 Corvette Convertible