1994 Chevy Corvette Convertible For Sale in Florida

1994 corvette convertible 6 speed manual

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  • Dec 15 2023
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Corvette Info

Body Type : Convertible
Ex. Color : red
Int. Color : off white
Mileage: 113000
Engine : v8
Trans : 6 speed manual
VIN# : 1G1YY32P0R5103306
For Sale By : Private Party
Asking price : $12,500
Terms : negational

Corvette Description

I bought 2 years ago from a gentleman who lived in Colorado.he lived in Forida for many years decided to retire to Colorado because he loved skying and got a job teaching sking he kept it in the garage as a third car didn't use except in perfect clear dry weather.the next year he went to Florida to visit his sister and bought a leftover corvette when the mid engine corvettes came out.Now he had 2 corvettes so he put the 1994 at his sisters winter home in the garage in Colorado and listed the 1994 for sale. I bought the car over the phone and drove it home to Florida he had all the service papers and only used original parts with lifetime guarrentte.I love the car and it drives perfect All my service was done at the corvette shop in ft.Lauderdale.He was in his 60's and I am 80.neither of use abuse cars and I have all his service papers plus some spare parts.At 6ft 3in and been in the hospital for 6 most.I can no longer get out of the car and must sell; the inside is as perfect as the outside no paint work, no accidents, no tears, no rips, perfect dashboard etcas I can give a better history. the reason I looked for a 1994 ia because first year new a/c, second first year for passenger air bag.I did a lot of research on Youtube and the best C4's are 94,95,96.I have kept it garage and covered like previous owner. I believe it to be the best 1994 corvette period.Everything I have written can be verified as I still talk to the previous owner.I had 3 insures today and am sending each this explanation THANK YOU