1999 Chevy Corvette Coupe For Sale in Tennessee

Superb C5 Corvette Coupe

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  • May 18 2024
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Corvette Info

Body Type : Coupe
Ex. Color : Black
Int. Color : Black
Mileage: 27500
Engine : 5.7L LS1
Trans : 6-Speed Manual
VIN# : 1g1yy22g5x5101235
For Sale By : Private Party
Asking price : $25,000
Terms :

Corvette Description

I have for sale a 1999 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe. As the photos suggest this vehicle is in excellent condition. I purchased this vehicle in October of 2020 and have since put around 10000 miles on it driving it once a week or so. It has been garage kept. I have viewed myself while owning this car as a curator of something historically valuable and so I have not modified the car in any way. With that being said, while I do enjoy driving fast and enjoying the power of this car, I do not launch, race, or otherwise shock-load the drivetrain as this would cause premature failure of a variety of components. Tires are fairly new Continentals and have plenty of tread left. I have personally changed the oil and filter approximately every 3 months without exception since ownership with Mobile 1 Synthetic oil and filter. Many believe oil is only about mileage, but time is also a factor as the pH of the oil changes after by-products of combustion contaminate it. As you can see in the pictures, the paint on this car is sublime. This vehicle has the highly desirable heads-up display and adjustable variable dampeners. This vehicle is equipped with gorgeous and fairly uncommon chrome wagon-style wheels. It will also come with a used set of the magnesium wheels offered as an option for this car (~$2000 option) (see photos) This vehicle will come with the painted top and the tinted clear top. it will also come with 2 car covers (I have never used either because I keep the car in my garage.) Everything on this vehicle works as it is supposed to WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE FOLLOWING: The multi-disc cd player worked when I bought it, but after one use, it froze and i had to disassemble it to get my CDs back. It is no longer with the vehicle. One of the previous owners defeated the 1st to 4th gear lockout feature these cars have (which is one of the most reprehensible features ever installed on a car), but in the process i believe it disabled the reverse lamps. The reverse lamps operate when you use a key fob to unlock the car, so I know the lamps work, but I'm assuming the 1st to 4th delete disrupts the signal to the revers lights when you're backing up. Pairing either of the key fobs to the car causes the battery to drain down because it constantly keeps a module in the car awake and drawing voltage. This was an extremely common problem with these cars and is a programming defect, not a defect particular to this vehicle. Both fobs work after being programmed, but I have not felt the desire to dig into this as I only drive the car once a week or so, so I just use the key to unlock the doors etc. Additionally, keep in mind that this is a used, 25 year old car. I am posting this car on this site only because Corvette buyers are a particular bunch and I don't want to deal with average car-buying riff-raff. If you are into these sorts of cars then you have an idea of the value of what you're getting into. I am not interested in negotiating for the price of this car because I believe that: A: The price is reasonable B: The car's value only stands to rise due to restrictions on producing manual transmissions, large engines, and other emissions related restrictions. C: The car is only worth selling if I get a certain amount for it, otherwise I will be happy keeping it. If you have questions, I would be happy to speak to you over the phone. (615-788-4942)