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The 1973 Corvette was the first year with the Government mandated "soft" 5 mph front bumber and it will be the last year for the chrome rear bumpers. Also changed was the side fender louvers from eggrate style to untrimmed recessed. The "Stingray" script remained the same as one word. 1973 got a new hood that did away with the troublesome wiper panel and also the rear window is now fixed and not removable like in previous C3 Corvettes. Because of the changes the 1973 Corvette was a one year style that was once looked down upon but now has become collectible due to unique style. See below for production numbers and 1973 specifications.

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1973 Corvette
  • Law mandates 5-mph "soft" front bumper which are body colored. Chrome bumper remains on rear.
  • Rear window no longer removable yielding more storage space.
  • Lifting wiper panel deleted.
  • New hood with rear cold air induction introduced.

1973 Corvette PRODUCTION:
30,464 with 4,943 convertibles, 25,521 coupes
$5,561 (coupe), $5,398 (convertible)
Sport Coupe, Convertible
350 cubic inches, 190 horsepower
350/190, 350/250, 454/275 big block
1973 Corvette COLOR CHOICES:
Mille Miglia Red, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Blue-Green, Silver, Elkhart Green, Orange, Classic White, Yellow, Metallic Yellow
Convertible 1Z67J3S400001 --1Z67J3S434464
Coupe 1Z37J3S400001 --1Z37J3S434464

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